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Crazy Wisdom

Dec 26, 2022

Dr. Jonathan Paprocki

Jonathan is a specialist in topological quantum compiling, a Tlon engineer, you can find him on Urbit @  ~Datnut-Pollen Blog can be found at Discordia (

  1. What is a Kundalini awakening?
  2. What do old dusty books say about Kundalini?
  3. What is the relationship between Kundalini and topological quantum computers?
  4. Can everything be explained by science?
  5. How do you deal with the skepticism that other people give you that you used to give them?
  6. How much does the flow state come to you when working with quantum computers? Is it very frustrating?
  7. What did you learn about Atman after you randomly spoke Atman?
  8. Do you think in images?
  9. What do you think is the base layer reality now?
  10. When did you start studying quantum physics?
  11. Who is John Wheeler? What is the participatory universe?
    1. He talks about Quantum Bayesianism
    2. The idea is that the Universe consists of participants/observers and observations, rules on consistencies of what these interactions guarantee the relationship.
  12. What is the study of condensed matter?
  13. What is quantum field theory?
  14. What is quantum topology?
  15. A topologist can't tell the difference between a coffee mug and a donut.
  16. Who is Edward Witten, the physicist who received the Field Medal?
  17. What are your favorite cognitive hazards?
  18. How often do new age thinkers get quantum mechanics right when tying it to spirituality?
  19. How important is math to understanding quantum theory?
  20. What is quantum theory?
  21. Who are the new age mystics who do get quantum theory right?
  22. What percentage of quantum theory has to do with the Heisenberg principle?
  23. What is the difference between the laws of qualia and the laws of physics?
  24. How did you end up at Tlon?
  25. What are the differences between Holochain and Urbit?
  26. What is a distributed hash table?
  27. What is a hash chain?
  28. What is naturally inspired computation?
  29. What are the aspects of natural physics that are dependent on quantum mechanics?
  30. Who is Sam Frank from Urbit?
  31. What is the thing that convinces you to pursue incomprehensible projects to the point of comprehensibility?
  32. Is doing documentation a good way to learn programming?
  33. What is the blog that Jon is writing?
  34. What are some differences between writing software for external applications/legacy internet within Urbit versus say writing software in an imperative programming language and navigating Facebook's API?
  35. Why did IP addresses not become permanent ways to signify where the message receiver/sender is stable?
  36. What does Urbit replace about the current IP address system?
  37. What are the differences and similarities between Urbit and Holochain?
  38. What is Holochain Scepter?
  39. What is Deep Key when it comes to Holochain?
  40. How does Urbit enforce global state?
  41. What is the data availability problem of the blockchain?
  42. Why doesn't adding more blocks make the data processing faster?
  43. What is a blockchain?
  44. A way to give a clock to distributed system.
  45. What is the problem of time in distributed systems?
  46. Holochain is a way to run apps on BitTorrent basically (analogy).
  47. What percentage of email is spam?
  48. What is enforced scarcity?
  49. What is the membrane from Holochain?
  50. What are all the types of attacks in distributed systems?