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Crazy Wisdom

Aug 21, 2020

Enzo is an investment professional at Dalus Capital, Mexico City, and an Angel investor as well. He has holdings in companies like Talently, and this episode discusses investing in Latin America, his unlikely journey to becoming an investment professional in Mexico City, his philosophies, the investing dynamics in different Latin American countries, his passion for the education sector, and a lot more. You can find Enzo on twitter @enzocavalie. Dive in!

(3:37) His introduction to entrepreneurship, startups, markets and investing

(5:05) How his desire for more and a job application with no expectation to be hired led to him ending up in Mexico City, all the way from Peru.

(7:42) How market-size in Latin America affects where startups launch and how investment companies choose to fund these startups.

(13:49) How college ignited his passion to reform the educational system.

(16:00) Why are some people contrarians and others not? And why Enzo thinks it’s a trait that’s beyond choice

(19:19) A difference between entrepreneurs in Latin America and those from places like Europe, or the U.S., that should be noted.

(34:03) What types of backgrounds do the majority of the most successful founders in Latin America possess?

(36:43) A lesson Latin American angel investors should learn from investors in San Francisco.

(38:53) The value of social media, writing online, and building a reputation on the web; how it helps forge genuine connections; how it has helped in building his career and network, and how entrepreneurs can benefit from it.

(43:36) The scarcity of original content in Spanish by Latin American venture capitalists and the opportunity it provides.

(52:22) How Enzo comes up with content for his blog